Vikas Trust

Striving to Ensure Social Justice

Community Based Rehabilitation of Disabled Children

Vikas Trust is working with differently abled children suffering from poliomyelitis, cerebral palsy, mental retardation, muscular dystrophy, rickets and congenital deformity.

Having identified the differently abled children, parents are counselled for the disability certificate so as to link the children with the government and its resources. Differently abled children are then integrated to the education and all possible support is provided to such children for the continuation of their education. Continued monitoring of children is done to enhance their academic performance.

Guidance and counselling is provided to the children who opt for various vocational training and they are provided financial support to develop their vocational skill to become self-reliant.

To enhance mobility of the differently abled children, they are either linked to the government or provided with the aid and appliances such as callipers, crutches, tricycles etc.